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Your contribution towards supporting the Hanumant Hospital Humanitarian mission for the people of Gujarat could be utilized in several ways:
Different Charitable Funds being managed by hospital:
Hanumant Fund
For hospital’s revenue and capital expenditure Donations given under this fund will be used for Capital expenditure to improve and expand the facilities at the hospital and to buy latest medical equipments. Minimum donation: Rs.1,00,000/-
Sanjeevani Fund - Responsibility of membership of low-income patients.
Through this fund, a responsibility can be accepted for the 50% to 100% of the membership cost of low-income patients. You may sponsor membership of 40 people or in multiples of 10. The amount for 50% of responsibility of 40 people would be Rs.5000 to Rs.10,500 (as per the option in the scheme), the minimum limit being Rs.5000/-
Arogya Fund - Treatment of low-income persons.
Funds received will be credited in the name of the donor/institution and will be spent for diagnosis and treatment of specific low-income individuals recommended by the donor/institution. Minimum donation Rs. 5000/-
Ashraya Fund - Treatment of handicapped persons.
This fund will spend the money for diagnosis, treatment, surgeries, purchase of artificial limbs or any type of treatment, which is required for handicapped persons. Minimum donation: Rs.25,000/-
Lok Seva Fund - Treatment by specialist doctors or to organize medical camps.
The donation to the fund shall be used as below: - for medical treatment at Hanumant Hospital by senior doctors called from Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc who specialize in branches like urology, cardiology, plastic surgery, Neuro surgery, psychiatry etc. - To organize diagnostic camps at select places under the name of donor. - Minimum donation Rs.25,000/-
Jivan Sandhya Fund
For medical treatment of senior citizens This fund can be utilized for the treatment of needy senior citizens as per instructions of the donor/institution as per standard rates of the hospital. Minimum donation: Rs.10,000/-
Smruti Din/Janma Din Fund - Donation on special occasions
Any donor can donate to mark his relative’s death anniversary or to celebrate birthday/marriage anniversary or for any other special occasion as per following options. -Rs.1,00,000/- or Rs.50,000/- for full/half day expense of the hospital. Minimum donation:Rs.50,000/- or Rs.1,00,000/- -Rs.5,000/- or Rs.2,500/- for full/half day food expenses of the indoor patients. Minimum donation:Rs.5000/- or Rs.2500/-
Note: Donation made to “ Shree Humant Seva Medicare Trust” are eligible to tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.
New Donation Record :

Air-conditioned ambulance donated by SBI by worthy hand of Pujya Moraribapu on 03.10.13

Rs. 1 Lac : Kapilaben Chandrakantbhai Mehta Family
Rs. 1 Lac : Kantibhai Govardhanbhai (Nomni Family)

To know more about how you can donate, please contact Dr. Umesh Joshi, at the following numbers:
Phone: +91 2470 88 / 9428492055 / 66 /
Mobile: +91 9725404097 / 9408706161 / 9898844222 / 9998943916
Fax: +91 02844 - 224118
e mail: sanjeevani@hanumanthospital.com

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