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The Scheme
Limitations & Conditions
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  Scheme benefits and terms & conditions:
  Arogya Sanjeevani Lok Arogya Yojana
1. The hospital will offer medical cover through membership of "Arogya Sanjeevani" scheme. Individuals up to the age of 75 years will be eligible to become members.
2. The membership will be available to individuals on annual basis. The membership will have 3 options:
Option A: Membership fee Rs.500/-per year for medical cover of Rs.25,000/-
Option B: Membership fee Rs.300/-per year for medical cover of Rs.15,000/-
Option C: Membership fee Rs.225/- per year for medical cover of Rs.10,000/-
  In addition to the above membership fee, a onetime fee of Rs.25/- per person will be charged for enrolment, which includes a photo identification card. Members will have to present their photo ID card each time he/she visits the hospital for availing of any of the services. Prior to the expiry of the Membership term, earlier Membership will have to be renewed.
3. In the fifth year the scheme will be open for membership from 15th May to 15th June 2013. Benefits of the scheme will be available from 1st July 2013
4. Existing members who have not availed of any medical treatment under the Sanjivani Scheme during the year will get a rebate of Rs.50/- Rs.30/- and Rs.25/- for Option (a), (b) and (c) above respectively.
5. Existing members should renew their membership before 15th June 2013 to ensure continuity of the benefits of the New Scheme. From 1st July 2013 onwards
6 Members of the scheme will get the following facilities:
Hospitalization in general ward as per defined terms and conditions.
Maternity benefits will be available to women members.
Case registration charges will be included in the scheme.
Members will get 50% discount in Laboratory investigation, X-rays, Sonography etc carried out at Hanumant Hospital.
Cardiograms carried out Hanumant Hospital will be included in the scheme.
50 % discount will be given on Laboratory investigations; X-rays etc carried out on recommendation of Hanumant Hospital Full-time doctors will be covered under Sanjivani Scheme at Arogya Kendra in Mahuva and elsewhere.
Common surgeries (Listed operations) will be covered under the scheme.
Food, milk, tea etc. given as per Full time Doctor’s advice during hospitalization will be covered under the scheme.
Patients admitted to the Hospital will be provided basic medicines included in the Scheme’s list as per Full time Doctor’s advice.
Medicines prescribed during OPD visits will have to be purchased by the members and will not be covered by the scheme.
Members will get 50% discount on ICU admission.
7. Each service of the hospital including doctor’s charges, diagnosis, hospitalization and medicines will be billed to the member as per standard hospital tariff rates. Till the members’ upper limit under the scheme is not exhausted he/she will not have to pay any charges.
  In the event of any members, upper limit of medical expenses i.e. Rs.10, 000/-, Rs. 15,000/- or Rs. 25,000/- is exhausted during the year, than that his/her membership of Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme will automatically end for that year/period. For remaining portion of 12-month period, individual will have to pay normal charges of the Hospital for availing of any services.
8. Members will get 10% discount on medicines purchased from hospital Pharmacy.
9. Family planning operations will be covered under the scheme.
10. Basic Cataract Surgery Package of Rs.500/- which includes IOL costing Rs.150/- will be provided free of cost to members.
  Cataract Surgery including IOL of higher cost will not be covered under the Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme. However, in this case the member will get 10% discount on other higher packages of cataract.
11. Annual health check-up is not covered under Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme. Only diagnosis recommended by the doctors at the hospital is covered under the scheme.
  During the first year the charges for annual health check-up at the hospital will be; Basic health check-up Rs.500/-, Executive health check-up Rs.1000/-.
  Members will get 20% discount on the annual health check-up charges.
12. Discounts available to members on purchase of medicines, hospitalization and other services will be deducted from the amount of the Medical Scheme.
13. This membership scheme is valid for an initial period of one year and thereafter suitable changes will be made in the membership fees as well as type of benefits offered based on experience of one year.
  Limitations of Medical Scheme.
a. The hospital management retains the right to decide whether to enroll an individual for the membership or not without offering any explanation.
b. In case of indoor admission, the member will be admitted only in general ward and not in Semi special, special or deluxe ward.
c. If the hospital provides any medical service falling outside the scope of the "Arogya Sanjeevani" scheme, the concerned individual will have to pay the hospital at normal rates.
d. The scheme will not cover those treatments, which cannot be carried out in the hospital.
e. Urology, Neurology, Oncology and other super specialty diagnosis and treatment are not covered under the scheme. For all the above diagnosis and treatment, members will have to pay the Hospital at the normal tariff. Members will be given 10% discount on the treatment charges.
f. Diagnosis/treatment of the members will be carried out only as per recommendations of hospital doctors and not of any outside doctor.
g. In case the member looses the photo identity card he/she has to pay Rs.25/- towards making fresh photo ID card and processing charges.
h. No refund of membership fees will be available even if the member does Not avail any of the hospital services during the year.
i. Medical devices and consumables required for services like dialysis and orthopedic prosthesis will be excluded from the scheme.
j. Patients admitted to the Hospital, requiring medicines not included in the scheme’s list will have to purchase the same at their own cost.
k. Lithotripsy, Dialysis and CT scan are not covered under the scheme. Members will get 10% discount on the normal hospital tariff.
l. In case of any difference of opinion concerning interpretation of the scheme, the opinion of the hospital management will be final and binding upon the member.
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