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The Scheme
Limitations & Conditions
Code Of Conduct For Members
1. Eligibility: Individuals up to the age of 75 years will be eligible to become members.
2. Coverage:
Hanumant Hospital, a modern world class Hospital at Mahuva now completes Three years of providing high quality medical care at reasonable cost to the residents of Mahuva and neighbouring areas of Talaja, Jafrabad, Una, Dhari, Diu, Rajula and Savar Kundla.
  The hospital is being continuously upgraded with new medical facilities and equipments. Facilities like CT scan, Dialysis, tread mill test, pulmonary function test. Audiometry, Blood storage, Central ICU and nursing school have been added to the hospital in last three years.
Sanjivani Scheme, which was started in year 2006 to provide modern medical care at a very low cost, has proved very successful. Large number of residents of Mahuva and other neighbouring Talukas has availed of the benefits of this scheme.
Hanumant hospital is now offering to enroll new members in the Shubh Sanjeevani scheme from 1st Aug 2018 – 31st July 2019. Existing members are welcome to renew their membership before 31st July 2019.
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