The Scheme
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The Scheme
Limitations & Conditions
Code Of Conduct For Members

Medicines prescribed during OPD visits will have to be purchased by the members and will not be covered by the scheme.


Cataract Surgery involving IOL of higher cost will not be covered under the Sanjivani Scheme. However, in this case the member will get 10% discount on surgery and hospital stay charges.


Cost of spectacles, IOL costing more than Rs.150/-, hearing aids, cosmetic dental treatment, cosmetic surgery.


External implants and accessories like crutches, abdominal belts, artificial limbs and prosthetic devices.

5. Internal implants and devices
6. Annual health check-up (Though members will get 20% discount on the same).
7. HIV/AIDS and other auto immune diseases.
8. Any treatment required as a consequence of war or natural calamity or acts of terrorism.
9. Congenital external diseases, defects or anomalies.
10. Abortion, sterilization and fertility related procedures
11. General debility / impairment / run down conditions or rest cure.
12. Transportation and ambulance charge
13. Expenses of relatives for stay, food etc.
14. Cosmetic items like soaps, powders etc.
15. Telephone/fax expenses.
16. Any other expenditure not directly relating to illness / hospitalization.
17. The scheme will not cover those treatments, which cannot be carried out in the hospital.

Lithotripsy and CT Scan are not covered under the scheme.  Members will get 10% discount on the normal hospital tariff.


Urology, Neurology, Oncology and other super specialty diagnosis and treatment are not covered under the scheme.  For all the above diagnosis and treatment, members will have to pay the Hospital at the normal tariff.  Members will be given 10% discount on the treatment charges.