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The Scheme
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1. Is the Sanjeevani Scheme an Insurance Scheme?

No It is a Membership Scheme of the Hanumant Hospital.  Members of the Scheme do not have to deal with any insurance company.


Is there any separate scheme for providing medical benefits to persons over the age of 75?


The age limit for Sanjeevani Schme has now been increased from 70 years to 75 years. There is no scheme for covering persons over the age of 75. They will have to pay the normal hospital charges.

3. Can more than one family member take membership under one card?
  No The Scheme allows only individual membership and each member will have a separate photo identity card.
4. Is it necessary to present ID Card at the Hospital every time a member visits the Hospital?

Yes It is necessary to produce membership card every time a member visits the Hospital as a patient.  Without photo ID Card members will not be able to avail benefits of the membership. Any person without photo ID card will have to pay normal hospital charges.

5. Will the Scheme cover the medicines given by the Hospital?

Medicines prescribed by the Doctors during hospitalization and which are available in the Hospital will be covered under the Scheme. Members will get 10% on medicines purchase from the hospital pharmacy.

Any medicine not normally stocked in the Hospital but required during hospitalization, will also have to be purchased from Hospital pharmacy or from outside by the member and paid for directly.

6. How will one know as to amount spent in his/her treatment?           

Anytime a person visits the hospital, he/she can request the Sanjeevani counter to provide information on money spent on the treatment. This will be readily available in the computer system.

7. What is the procedure for renewal of membership?

In order for a member to receive uninterrupted service, member should renew the membership before the expiry of 12-month period. 


What happens if I apply for renewal of the membership after expiry of 12 months membership period?


In this case there will be interruption in the treatment coverage available to you under the scheme. There will be a minimum gap of 15 to 30 days during which you will not get any treatment under the Sanjeevani Scheme.


If a person has not availed of any treatment in the Hospital during the entire year, will his / her membership fee be refunded?


There is no refund of membership fee. However, such members will get a “no claim rebate” while renewing the membership as follows:

  Category No Claim Rebate
  "A" Rs. 50
  "B" Rs.30
  "C" Rs. 25

Why should a person renew his/her membership in case the person has not availed of any treatment in the hospital during the entire year?


It is important to note that medical emergencies can occur any time and it is necessary to have uninterrupted membership.  This will allow him/her to avail of medical treatment whenever it is required.


Can a member get admission to special / deluxe room during hospitalization by paying the difference between the general ward charges and  special / deluxe room charges?


No The scheme does not allow members to be admitted to special / deluxe rooms during hospitalization.

In case a member wishes to get admitted to special/deluxe room, he / she will have to do so at the time of admission only and pay normal rates for room as well as diagnosis/treatment.  No change of category of room would be allowed after being admitted to the hospital.


If any medical treatment is not available in Hanumant Hospital and if one has to go to another Hospital in Ahmedabad or Mumbai, will this treatment be covered under this Scheme?


The Scheme covers only treatment within Hanumant Hospital.

13. Does the membership cover maternity benefits?

Maternity benefit will be available to all women who are members without restriction on number of deliveries. Also there is no restriction on number of existing children for women members who come for delivery.

14. Can a non-resident of Mahuva Taluka or neighbouring Talukas can become a member?

It is not necessary for a person to be a resident of Mahuva or neighbouring Talukas to be a member of this Scheme.  A resident of Bhavnagar , Palitana, Junagarh, Ahmedabad, Surat or any other town can also become a member of the Scheme.


If any organization or company provides certain amount to the Hanumant Hospital Fund, can a person recommended by them receive treatment under the Sanjeevani Scheme?


Sanjeevani scheme is specific to each individual. The scheme cannot operate for any company or organization. However, an organization or company can opt for the following options:


They can provide funds for membership of specific individuals e.g Rs.3000/- can help 10 specific individuals to become members with coverage of Rs.15000/- each.

They can provide funds to the hospital, which can be earmarked for treatment of any member of the organization or company who visits the hospital for treatment. However this treatment will be done at normal hospital rates and not under the scheme.