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The Scheme
Limitations & Conditions
Code Of Conduct For Members

An information sheet that includes details of the number of applications must accompany all applications from a proponent. Membership fees are to be deposited in the account of “Hanumant Hospital - Sanjeevani Scheme” at the nearest State Bank of Saurashtra branch, and the pay-in slips then sent in with the application forms.


Members will have to present their photo ID card each time he / she visits the hospital for availing any services.

3. Billing will be as per standard hospital tariff rates.
4. Hospitalization will be considered only in the general ward.

The admissions, medicines advised, surgeries performed, food given, will be as per the Doctors' advise and Hospital policies.

6. Only specific rooms, medicines, surgeries, items are included under the Scheme.

In case the member loses the photo identity card he / she has to pay Rs.25 towards making fresh photo ID card and processing charges.


Existing members who have not availed of any medical treatment under the Sanjeevani Scheme during the year will get a rebate of Rs.50, Rs.30, and Rs.25, for Option (a), (b) and (c) above respectively.


No refund of membership fees will be available even if the member does not avail any of the hospital services during the year.


In the event of any members, upper limit of medical expenses i.e. Rs.10,000, Rs. 15,000 or Rs. 25,000 is exhausted during the year, than that his / her membership of Sanjeevani Scheme will automatically end for that year/period.  For remaining portion of 12-month period, individual will have to pay normal charges of the Hospital for availing of any services.


In case of any difference of opinion concerning interpretation of the scheme, the opinion of the hospital management will be final and binding upon the member.

12. Benefits of the scheme will be available 15-30 days after enrolment in the scheme. 

The hospital management retains the right to decide whether to enroll an individual for the membership or not without offering any explanation.